Local/State Government Cyber Security

Can you afford the costs of a data breach in your industry?

According to research by The Ponemon Institute, the average cost of a data breach in the public sector is $80 per stolen record.

Is your security and compliance posture as strong as it needs to be to avoid a data breach?

Protect Government IT Assets from Advanced Security Threats

Many state and local governments are challenged to protect IT assets from today’s advanced security threats. While cyber attacks have increased, budget cuts at many government agencies have left IT professionals fighting with fewer resources. Investments in security monitoring technology are often underutilized because organizations do not have enough staff or time to get value from these tools. Monitoring thousands of log events and managing system vulnerabilities is an extremely challenging task. 

EiQ’s SOCVue hybrid security-as-a-service solutions help overcome these challenges by providing the right people, process, and technology. EiQ delivers increased security visibility and guidance to effectively reduce cyber risks and meet compliance requirements.

With the automation of SOCVue and the most manual process being handled by EiQ, our security team can better prioritize and spend time in the most efficient manner to optimally enhance our security posture.
Jeremy Mio Security and Research Manager, County of Cuyahoga

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