Log Management and SIEM Solutions

The Challenge

Log management is a process for collecting, analyzing, and storing large volumes of machine-generated log messages. These log messages are used to audit system activity, understand user behavior, investigate security incidents or suspicious activity, and generate compliance reports. Security information and event management (SIEM) provides a more holistic view of an organization’s security posture by centralizing, normalizing, and correlating data from multiple sources to detect suspicious activity, unusual patterns, unauthorized access, and a potential attack in near real time.

Why Does Log Management and SIEM Matter?

Many compliance regulations require log management as a fundamental step in securing data. Without proper log collection, threat detection and incident response become near-impossible tasks. In addition, implementing a log management solution is critical for risk management, security incident response, and reporting. Without collecting log data, it is extremely difficult to monitor and understand disparate network events taking place throughout your IT infrastructure.

SIEM automates the process of collecting, normalizing, and correlating large volume of data from disparate sources across one or many locations in real or near real time. SIEM helps correlate thousands of log events and correlate that with other data such as vulnerability and threat data to provide context around a security incident. Without SIEM, it is impossible to identity modern-day threats that can easily evade signature-based technologies such as Anti-Virus, Intrusion Prevention Systems, Next-Gen Firewalls, Anti-Spam, Unified Threat Management (UTM), Anti-Malware, End Point Protection, etc. SIEM centralizes the activity data from all sources and provides a unified view of your security posture. SIEM also helps detect potential Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) attacks that are designed to evade signature-based technologies. 

How Does EiQ Help?

The SOCVue Security Monitoring service utilizes enterprise-class log management and SIEM technology to help your organization:

  • Detect advanced security threats
  • Investigate suspicious activity
  • Monitor for unauthorized access
  • Meet compliance objectives

The EiQ SOCVue Security Operations Center (SOC) monitors your IT environment 24/7/365 to analyze alerts and reduce false positives, and provide incident notification, remediation guidance, and reporting. Because the solution is installed, configured, and managed by EiQ’s trained IT security staff, it is easy for organizations of all sizes to benefit from world-class Log Management and SIEM.

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My team’s days of digging through tons of messy logs are over. Now EiQ’s SOCVue Security Monitoring service filters our vast number of events down to a clean snapshot view so we can confidently see what’s taking place in our network.
Greg Beltzer Senior Vice President of Information Technology, Williams Financial Group