Threat Detection Solutions

The Challenge

Threat detection is the process of identifying and quantifying a compromise or indication of compromise (IOC). Properly implemented threat detection includes preventive, detective, and reactive measures intended to block attacks when possible, discover intrusions quickly, and provide for rapid recovery and cleanup.

Why Does Threat Detection Matter?

Advanced malware, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and other cyber attack methods have become one of the biggest concerns to organizations of all sizes and it has become extremely difficult for security teams to keep pace. The rapidly rising number and type of data breaches and cyber threats indicate just how sophisticated and persistent these attacks have become.

Experts urge companies to have a centralized and automated way to understand the environment they’re protecting and to analyze threats relevant to their organization as quickly as possible. Only through enhanced visibility and actionable insight can you identify attackers who look like insiders or detect customized malware that will evade traditional signature-based Anti-Virus and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) technologies.  

How Does EiQ Help?

Through a proper balance of the best people, process, and technology, EiQ’s SOCVue Security Monitoring service addresses the challenges associated with threat detection and makes effective, affordable security a possibility for organizations with limited resources. By correlating thousands of log events across IT environment, cyber threat intelligence, and vulnerability data, EiQ’s SOC team is able to analyze and reduce false positives, quickly identify potential incidents, and provide guidance for the appropriate remediation steps.

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We can now see our network activity as a whole with 24x7 eyes and ears notifying us when there is an alert. We also now have a dedicated pool of analysts and engineers from EiQ who are familiar with us and our environment to quickly advise and assist in the case of an emergency.
Jeremy Mio Security and Research Manager, County of Cuyahoga