Critical Security Controls Monitoring

What is Critical Security Controls Monitoring?

Every organization has unique risks that need to be quantified and mitigated. The goal of critical security controls monitoring is to strengthen your defensive posture by proactively auditing your IT environment to identify any potential weak links before they are exploited.

Why Does Critical Security Controls Monitoring Matter?

The SANS/CIS Critical Security Controls (CIS CSC) are particularly effective because they are prioritized using a cost-benefit analysis. Data breach studies such as the annual Verizon Data Breach Investigative Report (DBIR) consistently show that a majority of security incidents would have been avoided if SANS/CIS Critical Security Controls monitoring had been in place. As recommended by DHS and NIST Cyber Security Framework implementing the following CIS Critical Security Controls will deliver over 80% improvement in your IT security posture.

  • Proper audit logging is in place
  • Known vulnerabilities are addressed across the network
  • Only known and authorized devices are operating on the network
  • Only known and authorized software is being utilized
  • Proper malware defenses are in place
  • Only known and authorized network ports and protocols are operating on the network
  • Only approved wireless access points are available on the network

How Does Cygilant Help?

The SOCVue Security Monitoring service includes security controls auditing. The on-premises deployment of SOCVue Security Monitoring can help you continuously monitor 7 of the Top 20 Critical Security Controls as defined by SANS/CIS. By providing this proactive assessment, Cygilant’s SOC team empowers organizations to reduce their cyber risk. These same security controls form the basis for many of today’s compliance regulations.

SOCVue Vulnerability Management provides managed vulnerability assessment and remediation guidance to meet SANS/CIS Critical Security Control #4. Let trained Cygilant security analysts manage your vulnerability scanning, reporting, and ticketing so you can free your IT staff to focus on remediating high priority vulnerabilities.

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