Incident Detection and Response

What is Incident Detection and Response (IDR)?

Incident detection and response is the process of identifying security incidents or threats and acting quickly to address the potential issue. Security incidents can take many forms, but, in essence, it is a deviation from the organization’s security policy. Examples of security incidents are unusual traffic on an unsanctioned port, unauthorized access to a specific file share, or and range of other activities that violate an organization’s acceptable standard.

In order to minimize risk, it’s important to have a process to quickly identify these incidents, investigate and perform root cause analysis, and implement steps the remediate the situation before the damage of a data breach becomes more extensive. Risk can be best mitigated by acting quickly. If warning signs are ignored, the scope of the incident may grow and ultimately result in a catastrophic business impact or even regulatory fines.

Why Does Incident Detection and Response Matter?

Incident detection and response capability is at the core of many security compliance regulations. Tools such as SIEM and log management are typically involved in the process of collecting and correlating data in the form of logs and events to identify anomalous activity occurring on the network across a range of network devices. This capability is critical in rapidly identify and responding to security incidents as they occur, so security gaps can be eliminated, and risk reduced.

How Does Cygilant Help?

SOCVue Security Monitoring which leverages Cygilant’s cloud and on-premises log management and SIEM. This approach is perfect for organizations who have not yet deployed a SIEM or are looking to replace an existing SIEM and Log Management product. The SOCVue Security Monitoring service helps your organization:

  • Detect advanced security threats
  • Investigate suspicious activity
  • Monitor for unauthorized access
  • Meet compliance objectives

SOCVue Co-Managed SIEM for AlienVault USM Anywhere, is a service which leverages your existing investment in AlienVault USM Anywhere while providing access to Cygilant’s Security Operations Center to tune and tweak AlienVault USM Anywhere and deliver security monitoring. This option is ideal for customers who already have AlienVault USM Anywhere SIEM but lack the time or resources to manage the solution on their own, or don't have a large security team for 24x7X365 coverage.

With either service, the Cygilant SOCVue Global Security Operations Center (GSOCs) security analysts monitor your IT environment 24x7x365 to analyze alerts and reduce false positives, and provide incident notification, remediation guidance, and reporting. Cygilant’s trained IT security staff make it easy for organizations of all sizes to benefit from incident detection and response.

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