Managed Detection and Response

What is Managed Detection and Response (MDR)?

Managed detection and response is a service that helps solve the needs of organizations who lack resources and enables organizations to better detect and respond to threats.

Managed Detection and Response services are not all the same. Different vendors will offer a distinct set of tools and services, while the goals of managed detection and response remain the same: provide a service that helps organizations detect and respond to security incidents in a timely fashion, while reducing the burden on the organization, saving operational and software cost. Most MDR services combine vendor-provided technology with monitoring and analysis by human security analysts. Some companies, like Cygilant also use threat intelligence and data analytics to improve the quality of detection and to reduce false positives.

MDR services complement an organization’s own IT or security team to help provide the extra eyes for 24x7 coverage along with security expertise and guidance for remediating potential security incidents that are detected. These services will install and tune the necessary technology, removing this burdensome task from your organization.

By helping your organization identify and respond to threats, managed detection and response will help you comply with a multitude of compliance regulations. Most managed detection and response services include advanced SIEM and log management capabilities at the heart of their technology stack which is a requirement for many compliance regulations.

Managed detection and response vendors typical provide a team of security analysts to monitor the environment and alert customers to identified threats and provide guidance to the customer. In the case of Cygilant’s SOCVue services, we provide a 24x7 Global SOC (GSOC) team of trained security analysts to give customers round-the-clock coverage and assistance with any identified security incidents.

Why Does Managed Detection and Response Matter?

Managed detection and response services allow customers to benefit from a highly trained team of security professionals at affordable prices. With an MDR service, the vendor acts as an extension of your team to provide detection and response for identified threats. This frees your team up to focus on other tasks. With remediation guidance, your team can quickly implement fixes to address threats and minimize risk. For resource-constrained organizations, who lack the budget or time to build and manage their own 24x7 SOC, managed detection and response services can be an affordable alternative.

How Does Cygilant Help?

Cygilant’s SOCVue Security Monitoring and SOCVue Managed SIEM for AlienVault USM Anywhere provide managed detection and response services for our customers.

SOCVue Security Monitoring which leverages Cygilant’s cloud and on-premises log management and SIEM. This approach is perfect for organizations who have not yet deployed a SIEM or are looking to replace an existing SIEM and Log Management product. The SOCVue Security Monitoring service helps your organization:

  • Detect advanced security threats
  • Investigate suspicious activity
  • Monitor for unauthorized access
  • Meet compliance objectives

SOCVue Co-Managed SIEM for AlienVault USM Anywhere, is a service which leverages your existing investment in AlienVault USM Anywhere while providing access to Cygilant’s Security Operations Center to tune and tweak AlienVault USM Anywhere and deliver security monitoring. This option is ideal for customers who already have AlienVault USM Anywhere SIEM but lack the time or resources to manage the solution on their own, or don't have a large security team for 24x7X365 coverage.

With either service, the Cygilant SOCVue Global Security Operations Center (GSOCs) security analysts monitor your IT environment 24x7x365 to analyze alerts and reduce false positives, and provide incident notification, remediation guidance, and reporting. Cygilant’s trained IT security staff make it easy for organizations of all sizes to benefit from managed detection and response.

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