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Cloud-based Patch Management, Change Control, and Reporting


Patch management is the process of making sure that every system and application in your company is up to date with the latest versions of operating systems (Windows, Linux, and Mac), database solutions and third-party applications (Adobe Flash, Acrobat Reader or internet browser) released by vendors. Hackers and security researchers are constantly discovering new vulnerabilities, and vendors are constantly issuing patches to deal with them. Unpatched systems and applications are one of the easiest attack vectors for criminals looking to gain access to corporate networks. The 2017 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report found that “for the overwhelming majority of attacks exploiting known vulnerabilities, the patch had been available for months prior to the breach”. Recent high-profile security incidents, such as Wannacry or Petya ransomware, highlight the need to patch all systems and applications in a timely manner.

Manually checking for and applying patches in is almost an impossible task. Do you prioritize servers or employee workstations or third-party applications? Do you focus on security fixes or compatibility updates? And how do you keep track of which patches have been applied? These are difficult questions for any IT team. IT teams are struggling to keep on-premises, data center, and cloud infrastructure up to date with latest versions of operating systems, databases and third-party applications. Without the right investments in people, process, and technology, an organization can quickly fall behind on critical patches that address security and compliance requirements.

Rather than forcing IT teams to manually update critical systems, an effective patch management service allows you to take the hassles out of patch deployment. Automation provides an auditable change management process and helps plug exploitable holes in your security posture while complying with various regulatory mandates such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, NIST, FFIEC, GLBA, SOX, FERPA, and others. Patch Management ensures that your systems, databases, and applications are up to date with the latest features, functionality, security, and capabilities offered by the application or OS vendors resulting in improved employee productivity and organization security and compliance posture. Keeping application software and Operating Systems (OS) up to date with the most recent security patches protects your company from malware and ransomware attacks. Patch management reduces the risk of having a security breach and all the related problems that come with it, like data theft, data loss, PII and PHI violations, reputations issues or even legal penalties.

Benefits of SOCVue Patch Management

SOCVue Patch Management reduces your exposure to known vulnerabilities by proactively deploying recommended security patches. The service automatically scans Windows and Linux endpoints and third-party applications like Java and Adobe for missing patches for the OS or browser. Cygilant’s SOCVue workflow allows you to review, approve and implement remediation processes with proper change management control and reporting to continually improve your security and compliance.

Benefits of SOCVue Patch Management
  • Protect Critical Assets

    Protect Critical Assets

    • Ensure nothing slips through the cracks creating major security holes
    • Safeguard customer data, PII, and PHI data, and intellectual property from malware and ransomware
  • Saves You Time

    Saves You Time

    • Automatic detection of missing OS and application patches with severity and remediation guidance
    • Free up huge amounts of time, allowing IT staff to focus on modernizing IT infrastructure through digital transformation
  • Peace of Mind

    Peace of Mind

    • Global SOC teams deliver 24x7 coverage
    • Ensure that all your systems and applications stay updated, regardless of where they are
  • Lower Your Costs

    Saves You Money

    • No need to invest in costly hardware and or dedicated resources
  • Incidence Response Forensics Analysis and Remediation Guidance

    Regulatory Compliance

    • Comply with PCI DSS, FFIEC, SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, FERPA, NIST and others
    • Auditable change management process

SOCVue Patch Management Capabilities

  • Cloud Based Patch Management

    SOCVue Patch Management (SaaS)

    • Scalable cloud deployment
    • Cloud content server with local repository
    • Deployed and managed by Cygilant global SOC teams
    • Industry best patch repository including Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, Java, Adobe, browser and more
  • Decrease the Time and Complexity Associated with Patching Server

    Automatic and Scheduling Scans

    • Automatic scanning to identify missing patches
  • Incidence Response Forensics Analysis and Remediation Guidance

    Prioritization of Patches

    • Prioritize by business risk, patch criticality and asset value
    • Track patches over time
  • Gain Assistance

    Auditable Change Management Process

    • Work flow to apply missing patches by asset type and group
    • Review, approval and schedule patch updates
  • 24x7x365 Global SOCs

    24x7x365 Global SOCs

    • Around the clock monitoring by trained security professionals
    • 1:1 consultation for continuous improvements
  • Regulatory Compliance and Reporting

    Compliance Reporting

    • Meet federal, state and industry regulations
    • PCI DSS, FFIEC, SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, COBIT, ISO 27001/2, NIST and others
  • Reporting and Scorecards

    Dashboard and Reports

    • Daily and monthly reports
    • Security dashboards
  • Reporting and Scorecards

    Executive and Security Scorecards

    • Obtain historical trends and patterns
    • Measure how well you are performing against your goals and objectives

How SOCVue Patch Management Works

SOCVue Patch Management

Cygilant SOCVue Patch Management service combines the low cost and flexibility of a SaaS solution with the support and expertise of a 24x7x365 Security Operations Center to help you automate the process to identify missing patches in your IT environment, prioritize them based on criticality and risk, and provide an auditable work flow to review, approve, schedule and deploy patches.

SOCVue Patch Management checks each managed asset and utilizes an industry-leading patch database to identify and prioritize missing patches based on criticality and business risk. SOCVue provides a complete change control process, where available patches are sent to an approver to review and approve that the specific patches should be applied to the identified asset or group of assets. Approved patches are automatically queued for deployment in the next approved change window. Once a patch has been installed, SOCVue Patch Management will verify that the patch has been applied.

Throughout the process, full documentation of each step is available within SOCVue to provide an audit trail. By automating the process of identifying and deploying necessary patches, lean IT teams can quickly keep their Operating systems and applications up to date with far less time spent managing the process. SOCVue scorecard reports track progress over time.

We empower lean IT and security teams to leverage their scarce resources and improve their effectiveness and to speed their time to response, all at a reasonable total cost of ownership.

How SOCVue Patch Management Compares

Features SOCVue 3rd-Party Patch Managers * Microsoft WSUS/SCCM **
Windows Patching
MS Application Support
Automated Scanning & Patch Deployment
Change Control Reporting
3rd-Party Application Support
Linux Patching
Low Cost Cloud-Based SaaS
Installation & Maintenance Included in Service
Guidance from 24/7/365 Security Operations Center (SOC)
Integration with Security Monitoring & Vulnerability Management Services

* Comparison based on the published features and pricing of leading MSSP
** Comparison based on the published features and pricing of leading Patch Management vendor

Identify and Remediate Vulnerabilities with SOCVue VPM

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