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Here’s What Customers Are Saying About EiQ Networks

 Given all the time I was spending to monitor and assess all our logs, it has proven to be much less costly to have EiQ handle these important security functions. Furthermore, the process is more consistent and thorough than my handling it manually.  

~ William James, Director of Technology Services

 We can now see our network activity as a whole with 24/7 eyes and ears notifying us when there is an alert. With the automation of SOCVue and the most manual process being handled by EiQ, our security team can better prioritize and spend time in the most efficient manner to optimally enhance our security posture. We also now have a dedicated pool of analysts and engineers from EiQ who are familiar with us and our environment to quickly advise and assist in the case of an emergency.  

~ Jeremy Mio, Security & Research Manager

 EiQ Networks provides industry-leading capabilities related to cyber security detection and assessment, which is critical to our clients in high-risk industries such as healthcare and education.  

~ Rolando Torres, Managing Partner of Abacode

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