Security as a Service

SOC 2 Type I Certified Service Provider

Detect Threats, Respond to Incidents, Patch Vulnerabilities and Meet Compliance Mandates

What Is Cygilant Security-as-a-Service?

Cygilant Security-as-a-Service provides outsourced security operations delivered as a managed service. Resource-constrained organizations often find that managed security services provide excellent value compared with building and maintaining an in-house 24x7 SOC. Instead, these organizations partner with vendors who deliver managed security services that help them fill the gaps in people, process, and technology across their security program. Services such as Cygilant’s Security-as-a-Service can deliver 24x7 security monitoring, managed and co-managed SIEM, vulnerability and patch management, along with a comprehensive and expertly trained security team to manage the technology and guide customers for any identified issues.

Managed SOC services can help your organization achieve compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, FFIEC, PCI DSS, NIST, and other requirements intended to keep data safe. Cygilant's Global SOC (GSOC) team of security analysts will work with you to help you meet your security objectives and provide the reporting you need in case of a security audit.

Benefits of Cygilant Security as a Service

High Impact Managed Services to Fill Security Gaps



    Complement your staff with our team of security professionals
  • A dedicated cybersecurity advisor that helps ensure the success of your cybersecurity program
  • Access to highly qualified security experts, across critical security domains, delivers a comprehensive security team at a fraction of the cost of building a team yourself
  • Cohesive layered SOC services provide enterprise-class security without the required overhead of on-staff personnel
  • Relentless threat hunters that focus on finding threats to systems that if overlooked could cause a costly data breach
  • Our SOC-as-a-Service is staffed 24x7 by qualified security professionals to gain peace of mind for companies that can’t afford to staff a SOC around the clock


    Implement proven procedures aligned to your unique security and compliance requirements
  • Our SOC services provide security monitoring that uncovers security issues outside of normal business hours
  • Delivering critical security controls that effectively reduce risk to systems
  • Advanced incident detection and response that detects risks that might otherwise go unknown
  • Compliance and security reporting to meet regulatory or industry cybersecurity mandates
  • AICPA SOC2 compliant ensures Cygilant follows industry accepted SOC procedures
  • Security-as-a-Service introduces effective security process at a fixed monthly operational cost


    Best-of-breed managed security technology
  • Asset discovery to ensure all systems are known and properly protected
  • Log management & SIEM that provide continuous monitoring, detection, and prioritization of cybersecurity concerns
  • Patch Management that ensures systems are up to date and properly patched to minimize risk to systems
  • Advanced threat and vulnerability intelligence to uncover sophisticated cyber threats
  • Fully managed services that eliminate the need to incur new capital expenses to acquire expensive security solutions
  • Co-managed services that leverage your existing security solutions to maximize your security investments.

Cygilant Managed SOC Services

Cygilant provides a 24x7x365 SOC-as-a-Service that delivers highly qualified security professionals, proven industry best practices and best of breed technology to provide enterprise-class security at an affordable cost to organizations of all sizes. Security services available include:

Managed Detection and Response

Cygilant Managed Detection and Response gives you visibility and control over your IT environment. We combine best-of-breed log management and SIEM with 24x7 management and monitoring for real-time threat detection, analysis and notification, remediation guidance, and compliance auditing.

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Managed Vulnerability and Patch Management

Cygilant Managed Vulnerability and Patch Management provides continuous vulnerability scans, risk prioritization, and auditable patch management. Our 24x7 Global SOC teams provides support for lean IT teams to help reduce their attack surface and manage software patches.

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Co-Managed AlienVault

Cygilant Co-managed AlienVault USM Anywhere combines security experts from our 24x7 Global SOC to act as an extension of your IT team and co-manage your existing AlienVault USM Anywhere deployment and deliver increased ROI.

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Co-Managed Qualys, Rapid7, and Tenable

Reduce your attack surface and mitigate risk leveraging your existing Rapid7, Qualys, or Tenable vulnerability scanner with co-management by our 24x7 Global SOC teams.

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Learn how Cygilant can reduce your security vulnerabilities, improve your security workflow, and help you meet compliance mandates.

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